Victor Agencies

ISO 9001:2008

Company Profile


About 150 years ago, illustrious Karwa family started its business activities in Assam (Eastern India) in the name of Saligram Rai Chunnilal Bahadur & Co. in Banking and Petroleum products. It then gradually entered in Tea estates, motor vehicles dealership etc. The group had the widest and biggest service netowrk, nearly 110 outlets of petroleum products of Burmashell (now IOC) in Northeast India.

It was in early eighties the new generation visualized to expand its business boundaries beyond Assam and landed in the country's capital. The young team started new busienss avenues and within a short span of time entered in the field of Paints, Auto electrical and Mechine Parts, and Chemicals besides dealing in Petroleum products.


Established in 1998, Victor Agencies is distributors of Specialty chemicals. We offer products to Coating, Ink, Adhesives, Plastic, Construction and many other growing industry segments such as PU, etc. and have evolved as one of the largest distributors of specialty chemicals in our market.

We have a full fledged team comprising of technically qualified sales and management personnel, with a very strong back-office team. We also have in house logistics/operations department. Victor Agencies has built distribution terminals in Faridabad & Mumbai. This facility includes bulk Storage, dedicated drum storage facilities and a separate dry goods storage area. Making sure all operations upkeep the health and safety of its personnel.

We began operating from Head office in the New Delhi, but rapid developments and a focused vision have ensured our national expansions. We currently have offices in Mumbai, Faridabad and New Delhi.

We offer within time delivery and dedicated services that we have been providing to our customers, we are now an ISO 9001:2008 company.


The company is engaged in manufacturing of Industrial and Specialty Paints Supplying to O.E. (Fan Industries, Glass Industries and Indian Railways).


SANAUTO today is a well knit, organized Unit. The company has a vision to become the leader in manufacturing of auto Electrical Components and Engineering Components with special emphasis on export market for Aerospace Components.

In view of this, we became member of Automotive Part Rebuilders Association (APRA), USA in 1997 Gradually we made focus on OE Customers. Today we are 100% OE supplier.

Obtained ISO – 9002 certification on 21.08.1998 from DET- NORSKE VERITAS ( D.N.V ). Upgraded the system to ISO 9001-2000 on 09.10.2004 from DNV. Upgraded the system to ISO 9001-2008 on 24.10.2009 from DNV.

Aerospace Standard AS9100B Certified. Visit Sanauto Engineers website to know more.